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  • 'The most dangerous man in British librarianship' Anon, 1990s
  • 'An intellectually arrogant Bolshevik'...'his reach exceeds his grasp' Headmaster, 1972
  • 'Dear Sir,
    There is a person on your staff called Tom Roper, whom I believe to be a librarian of some kind...' from a letter to the Vice-Chancellor of Sussex University, 26 June 2010


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Born 1955 in London, brought up in Cambridge, where I went to the Perse School . Read economic history at University of Kent from 1974-78 and then stumbled into a job in a public library. Finding I liked it, I took the postgraduate librarianship course at what was then the Polytechnic of North London in 1983 and worked in North London public libraries till 1990. Then I changed direction, working for the British Council and Hawker Siddeley, before finding my way, not unnaturally for a doctor's son, into medical librarianship. I worked in London hospital libraries and at the Regional Library and Information Unit, before going to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon. In January 2003 I became Information Resources Development Coordinator for the Brighton & Sussex Medical School, then worked at the University of Sussex and in further education and have now moved back into health, first at the Eyes & Vision Specialist Collection, NHS Evidence, as Primary Care Librarian, West Sussex Knowledge & Libraries and since 2013, Clinical Librarian at Brighton and Sussex NHS Library and Knowledge Service